Sharks ‘N’ Ladders

Raising awareness and learning through play

Our Sharks N Ladders board game is designed for families to learn and play together. Suitable for all generations of families, with a focus on primary aged children and adults with low literacy skills.

For young children, this game is more than just developing their concept of mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, strategy skills, colour and shape recognition. It develops them for the real world.

With only 37% of 7 to 17-year-olds in England recalling having had any financial education at school, equipping families to have conversations about money at home and at school is vital.

Sharks n Ladders introduces topics such as budgeting, saving, and managing credit in a fun and interactive way. By families playing together, the essential conversation about money is introduced in a friendly way to develop the skills and confidence children and families need to manage money now and in later life.

How is the game played?
The objective of the game is for players to make their way around the board from the starting point and manage their way to the safety of the jetty, but in doing so avoid the sharks along the way.

The sharks are circling below watching and waiting patiently for any opportunity to bite! Especially, if you answer a money question incorrectly. A number of treasure chests are buried along the way and if you land on one, you have to pick a card and test your knowledge around the carefully designed questions that will challenge your knowledge around money habits.

Ready for the challenge?

Download the ZIP file.
Unzip the files and print off using the setting: Fit to Page

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