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Our digital champions help improve lives in a click or two!

Become a volunteer Digital Champion and help improve

people’s lives through digital.

  • Do you enjoy using digital technology, for example, shopping online, job searching and creating CVs or simply speaking to friends and family by video?
  • Do you have a few hours free each week?
  • Are you a good communicator and enjoy helping people to learn new skills?
  • Are you able to work remotely with people on a one-to-one basis or even help face to face in a small group?

If you answered YES, then have you considered becoming a volunteer Digital Champion and help others to get online?

In today’s busy world, having the confidence and the right skills to use digital technology is vital. It saves people time and money, makes people feel less isolated and helps to improve people’s wellbeing.

Despite this, there are many people who are missing out on these benefits as they are still offline.

As a volunteer Digital Champion, you can help others to understand the benefits of being online by spending some time showing them how. As a Digital Champions you can help by showing how to do a range of simple things like:

  • teaching someone how to use a web browser to search the internet
  • showing a beginner how to set up an email account
  • helping someone the benefits of online banking
  • or simply explaining computer terms and internet jargon.

 In return you’ll get:

  • the opportunity for self-development of your own skills and knowledge about digital technology
  • free online training so you know better how to work as a Digital Champion and what sort of things you could teach them
  • a Certificate for each Digital Champion course you complete which you can then add to your CV
  • immense satisfaction that you are making a difference to someone else’s life.

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