Strengthening communities with ESOL

Smartlyte were thrilled to be invitedĀ to take part in the English My Way. We know there is a need for people to learn English, and there are a number of local organisations offering English classes, but there are still huge barriers to accessibility. A lot of these are around cost, childcare, the perceived localness of the organisations, and the need for women’s only classes.

The English My Way classes allowed us to address and remove many of these barriers. By working with the local children’s centre we were able to provide childcare. By using known and very local venues learners felt able to attend and through word of mouth and having a local presence, the classes engaged women only!

The sessions have allowed women of all ages and at all stages of their lives to engage with the programme. We have four grandmothers on the courses, many women from the same extended families and many women who have announced pregnancies during the course. Our first English My Way babies are due in spring!