Nominet Devices & Digital Skills

Smartlyte continues improving people’s lives through digital, with our exciting new Nominet, Devices and Digital Skills project.  .

Working with our national partners, Nominet and the Good Things Foundation, the project aims to help people whose lives have been affected by digital exclusion by tackling the challenges faced by digitally excluded people by providing devices, data connection and digital skills support.

Not being able to access the digital world can disadvantage digitally excluded people which in turn creates inequality. What we sometimes take for granted means people who are digitally excluded are unable to achieve. This includes everyday essential things like making a video call to family members, applying for jobs online, ordering prescriptions or even accessing essential government information.


The Nominet, Devices and Digital Skills project is very time specific with a limited number of devices available and will only work directly with referrals from professional organisations only. To register, the process is very simple;

  1. Register your organisation as a partner
  2. Complete the details of your device recipient9s0. Maximum of 5 recipients per organisation.
  3. Complete an online impact survey for each recipient registered 4 weeks after delivery of the device.

Please note, we cannot guarantee that all registered referrals will be successful.


What does the recipient receive?

A new lenovo tablet which is gifted to them and for them to keep.

What is the eligibility criteria?

Someone receiving a device through this project must be 18+ years old AND digitally excluded – this means they can’t afford internet access and do not have access to their own appropriate device.

Does the device need to be returned?

No. the device will be gifted to the individual which means they keep it and don’t have to return it.

To start the registration process, please click the button below.